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The History of
Superman and Me

Having always been interested in tall structures, I arranged to go on the Superman construction tour in January 2000 [my construction photos] after hearing about this new giant that was being built. It was that day that my love for Superman began.

I was invited to the Media Day on May 4, 2000 but could not attend, so my first ride wasn't until the second weekend of operation. I then registered in the middle of the summer [flashback].

In 2002, when I became old enough, I applied for a job in the Rides Department at Six Flags [legal information]. In a short while I found myself fortunate enough to be working on Superman. I still work there (in a different capacity) and love it. During my three years, I have acquired more information about that ride than I could have imagined and have truly grown obsessed with the ride. I pride myself in being able to answer "any guest question" about it. And here is the culmination of my love for this ride. Please enjoy!

My First Model Roller Coaster

In May of 2001, I began an incredible undertaking of designing and building my own, custom model roller coaster, The Raven.

My NEW Model Roller Coaster

Check out my NEW model roller coaster! Follow its construction and eventually help me name it!

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I am always welcome to feedback about this site. Please let me know what you think by emailing me at the address above.

If you have any questions about the ride that you cannot find here, please let me know and I will gladly help as much as possible.

Evan, October 2005


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