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Avoiding Traffic

Do not get to the park at or before opening time. There are always a lot of people trying to do the same, especially on weekends.

On the other hand, getting an early start and getting to the park well before opening will also help.

Go to the park on some of the least busy days. See information to the right.

When the Big E comes to West Springfield every year in the middle of September, it creates a lot of congestion in every direction all around the park. If possible, refer to the directions "From the South" for the best route to avoid this.

Avoiding Crowds

There is one easy way to avoid crowds and that is to go to the park on the least busy days! These include:

  • Monday - Thursday

  • Any overcast (or even raining/drizzling weekday)
  • Any time just before or after a busy day (for example, before or after a holiday weekend).
  • Any normal school day.

In addition, the Big E comes to West Springfield every year in the middle of September and draws a lot of people away from the park. Though, it does have some drawbacks (see 'Avoiding Traffic').


Avoiding Lines

Try Six Flags New England's Fastlane, a virtual queue system. Use this pager-like system to reserve a ride time on selected rides and return when it's time to ride!

To avoid lines at the entrance, again, do not try to get to the park by opening time.

To wait the least amount of time at Superman or other popular rides, the key is to not hurry! Lines usually die down by the afternoon. Getting in line early will result in more waiting time and less time for anything else.

Superman, in general, has the longest lines, but other rides have fairly long lines as well. Unlike Superman, it might be best to hit these early (because most of those people who are at the park early like to ride Superman first). These rides include Scream and the other roller coasters.

Saving Money

Season Passes are more than paid for if you go to the park even twice.

On a related note, 'Twickets' can be issued for a discounted return visit. Just ask about them at the Upgrade Center on Main Street.

Coupons are always available from a variety of sources and promotions that other companies have with Six Flags are available, as well. Keep your eyes open!

Take a look at the price list on the "Guest Information" page and check ahead of time to see if any guests in your party fall under any category other than general admission.

Go to the park after 4:00. Admission cost is reduced after that time.


The Right Rides

If you have never ridden a roller coaster and would like to start, here is a rough idea of what order to ride Six Flags' eight coasters.

  1. (Great Chase - Kiddie coaster that is great for kids to get a thrill and say that they've been on a roller coaster!)

  2. Poison Ivy's Tangled Train - Family coaster that reaches a top speed of 22 mph. Fun for children and adults to ride. Provides a tame, yet exciting ride.
  3. Mr. Six's Pandemonium - Family spinning coaster with a low minimum height. Provides excellent thrills for young riders.
  4. Thunderbolt - Old wooden coaster that is of a normal size for roller coasters. Provides a smooth, enjoyable ride with few elements to be scared of.
  5. Flashback - Steel reverse-incline coaster that provides a fun ride with inversions. Has a couple scary elements, but is nice to ride in order to work up to the larger ones.
  6. Mind Eraser - Steel inverted coaster in which riders' legs dangle below them. This element alone makes it a little more scary, but also allows for a more enjoyable ride.
  7. Cyclone - Large classic wooden coaster that gets pretty intense and scary at points. The constant shaking of the structure and a few elements cause riders to be thrown from one side of their seat to the other without warning.
  8. Batman: the Dark Knight - Steel floorless coaster in which the floor pulls away from the train just before leaving, so riders' feet dangle just inches from the track below them. This element, combined with the intensity of the ride and five inversions makes it a ride for the more daring.
  9. Superman Ride of Steel - Once you've ridden this, you can ride anything!

If you are not quite a rides person, here are the rides you would like:

  • Antique Cars

  • Balloon Race
  • Carousel
  • Houdini's Great Escape
  • Kontiki
  • Mind Scrambler
  • New England Skyway
  • Spider
  • Stagecoach Bumper Cars
  • Wave Swinger

If you are a little bit daring, add to your list the following:

  • Blizzard River

  • Buzzsaw
  • Colossus
  • Joker's Wild Card
  • Poland Spring's Plunge
  • Rodeo
  • Shipwreck Falls
  • Teacups

If you consider yourself fearless, then anything is fair game! Enjoy the park!

Six Flags New England has two sections devoted entirely to kids!

Looney Tunes Movie Town:

  • Animation Department

  • Daffy's Hollywood Tours *
  • Foghorn Leghorn's Tinsel Town Train
  • Marvin the Martian's Earthbound Journey
  • Speed Trap
  • Taz's Prop Delivery *
  • Tweety's Clubhouse

Tiny Timber Town:

  • Big Apple

  • Bumper Buggies
  • Chuck Wagon Wheel *
  • Flying Aces
  • Heliport *
  • Honey Swings *
  • Paul Bunyan's Buzzsaw Company
  • Tea Party

    * indicates that adults are allowed to accompany children.


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