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    The Raven is the model roller coaster that I'm currently in the process of building. Once finished, it will not run because I am building it for the looks. Because I want it to resemble a real roller coaster and kinetic energy does not scale linearly (it's parabolic), then it is impossible to make it run without limiting the number of hills or hill heights.

    Scale: 1:36 (1 inch = 3 feet)

    Design: Original wooden coaster layout


      Base - 4' x 8'

      Track width - 1.5"

      Bent width - 3"

      Lift hill height - 30"


      Balsa Wood - lots of it! (the structure)

      Hot glue - lots of it!

      Cardboard (track edge)

      Picture matting (track edge, structure walls)

      White spray paint (entire structure)

      Purple and Green detail paint (handrails and station)

      Plaster (queue line)

      Model railroad lights of various sorts (lighting)

      Fake grass and trees (landscaping)

    Current Status of Model: Final phase: landscaping, lighting, detail painting

    My Plan:

      1) Build the structure from one side of the base to the other

      2) Spray paint the entire structure gray

      3) Paint the handrails black

      4) Paint the station various colors

      5) Create queue line

      6) Light it up!

      7) Landscape it

    Lighting Details:

      Spotlights aiming up underneath lift hill

      Lanterns on handrail all the way up lift hill

      Diagonal spot lights on curves on both ends

      Full station lighting

      Queue line lamps

      Lighted control panel

      Perimeter lamps

    Landscape Details:

      Working chain (and motor house)

      Full queue line with handrails

      Handicap-accessible exit

      Fast-Lane line (as if set in a Six Flags park)

      Fake grass

      Beds of shrubs in queue line


    Estimated Cost Investment:

      Currently: approx. $1500

      Total: approx. $1800

    Estimated Time Investment:

      Currently: approx. 1600 hours

      Total: approx. 1750 hours

    Start Date (design): May, 2001

    Estimated Completion Date (of structure): DONE - September 16, 2003

    Estimated Completion Date (entire model): August, 2004

    Plans For It:

    It better remain in my bedroom, because to take it apart would be time consuming (and rebuilding it). I have been designing it so it could be relatively easy to remove in sections, although I want to avoid it. Displaying in a public place would be cool, too.

    Questions? Email me at


Copyright 2004