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    Mid-Season Changes 2004

    Redesigned Restraints...

    New restraints were created for Superman and debuted on May 29, 2004. The new restraints include the following changes:

    • The yellow t-bar was made longer and thinner gray bars now come down from each end of the bar to enclose the legs and attach the bar to the shin cuffs.

    • The Intamin-designed seatbelt was replaced with an orange airplane-like seat belt with a 180° release mechanism (the top needs to open to the full 180° in order to unbuckle). In addition, all of the seatbelts are the same length, creating consistency among every seat. (It used to be that the front seats of each car had an extra 11 inches.)

    • Shin cuffs were mounted on the t-bar's gray section toward the bottom to ensure that each rider's feet remain correctly situated in the car.

    • A side safety strap was attached to the "modesty bar" section of the t-bar that attaches to the side of the seat. This strap, also known as the "go/no-go belt", ensures that the lap-bar is in a position effective for restraining guests.


    Rider Policies Amended...

    • The maximum height for riders of Superman was reduced from 78" to 76".

    • Three new signs were created to convey all rider requirements, rules of the ride, and rider responsibilities. Some of the rider requirements are as follows:

      • Riders must have all four extremities. No partial or prosthetic limbs.

      • Riders must have the ability to support themselves in the upright position, meaning sufficient upper body strength is required.

      • Riders must be able to board under their own strength with sufficient strength in the lower extremities.

      • Riders must be able to hold on with both hands.

    • Five new signs/diagrams were created to illustrate how each rider should be properly positioned in the seat for the restraints to work effectively.

    • An automated spiel was created that loops at the entrance to the ride. Also, another spiel loops to those waiting in the queue and two new spiels were created to replace the old loading and unloading spiels.


    Miscellaneous Changes...

    • Lockers were installed in the already-cleared blue room. They are single-use and cost 75 cents for a single use. They are to accomodate the strict "no loose article" policy at the ride (for which there are many new signs in the blue room).

    • Ride operators now have the ability to speak via a P.A. system to those waiting in the queue, on the exit bridge, and in the back brakes. These are in addition to the pre-existing P.A.s in the station and on the lift hill.

    • A platform was created underneath the lift chain's gear system at the top of the lift hill.

    • Canopies were created over the "twins" section of the queue to provide shade to those waiting in line.


Copyright 2004