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All photos on this website have been taken by myself (except a few construction photos where cited and photos of the accident in 2001) and are my property. While I have enabled saving of the photos because they are all mine, I do ask that if you wish to reproduce any, please keep the copyright information intact. If a large number of my photos are to be used for any purpose, please email me ( for permission before usage.

In addition, some photos may taken from areas of the ride that may be closed during normal park operating hours. These were taken under very special conditions and are solely meant to provide a better view of a certain element. Please do not attempt to reproduce them.

Employment at Six Flags

Being an employee of Six Flags New England, I will not disclose any information here that cannot be disclosed to the public. I abide by Six Flags' Confidentiality Policy and insist that all information on this website is public domain. I will also point out that this website was created prior to my employment there and continues to function merely as a fan site.

Copyrighted Information,
Names, etc.

Superman Ride of Steel is a registered trademark of Six Flags, Incorporated. Its name, in addition to the Six Flags logo and any other copyrighted material, is being used solely for entertainment purposes and is not to be used commercially.

Point-of-View Video

The POV video on my website was originally created professionally for media use prior to the opening of the ride in 2000. For the purposes of this website, it was obtained from the compilation DVD "Front Seat Thrills" by Horse Creek Productions.

Video cameras are strictly prohibited on Superman Ride of Steel; please do not try to reproduce the footage in the video.

The "Front Seat Thrills" DVD can be found at

This website is unofficial and is, in no way,
related to Six Flags or any of its affiliates.

As always, if there are any questions,
please contact me at


Copyright 2000-2005