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Anti-Rollback Device: A notched strip that is attached to the lift hill next to the chain. A mechanism on the underside of the trains clicks in to the notches as Superman ascends the lift hill so that if the chain should stop, the train does not roll backward.

Block: A section of the track set in terms of computer control. Superman has three: the station, the lift hill, and the circuit / brakes. Two trains cannot be in the same block at once and other such restrictions are present to ensure safety.

Brakes / Brake Run: The place where the train comes to a stop in preparation for pulling into the station. Fourteen magnetic fin brakes bring Superman's train from approximately 40 to 0 mph.

    Car: The nine components that make up the train. Each contains two rows of two seats making a total of four seats per car. Cars are connected using ball-and-socket joints.

Chain: The mechanism that carries the train up the lift hill. Using a high-powered motor, the strong chain takes the train to the top in approximately fifty seconds (from dispatch to release).

Chain Dog: The parts of the train, located on the underside, that hook onto the chain. Each of Superman's trains has two: between cars two and three and between cars six and seven.

G's: The main force acting on a rider. A single G is equivalent to the force of gravity. Anything more than one G will make a rider feel pressure on his/her body. Less than one G causes the rider to elevate from his/her seat causing what is known as "airtime." Superman reaches approxiately 4 G's in the second helix and has a total of approximately 10 seconds of "airtime," or negative G's.
For an analysis of the forces of Superman, please view the Force Analysis page.

    Helix: A sharp turn, often more than 360° and banked heavily. Superman has two, the first being at an angle and the second being relatively level with the ground.

Lapbar: The yellow restraining device that holds each rider in his/her seat. The thirty-six on each train lock in the position that they are left and cannot be opened unless the train is in the station. In order to effectly restrain a rider, they must lie on each rider's upper leg, in the down-most position. They also contain thinner bars that lie on the sides of the riders' legs.

    Lift Hill: The element of the ride that brings Superman to its peak to be released into gravity's hands. It consists of a chain to which the train attaches and a notched anti-rollback device to prevent the train from rolling backwards if the chain should stop.

On-Ride Photo: A specially designed camera system that takes each rider's picture as the train whizzes by. The camera is located between the fourth and fifth hills; a strobe light can be seen going off while passing it. The photos can then be bought at Metro Photo right after getting off the ride.

    Overbanked Turn: A turn that reverses the direction of the track in such a way as to reduce lateral forces on the riders. The track is banked more than 90°, but the overbanking is hardy noticeable. Superman has one after the second hill.

Queue: The line in which riders wait in order to ride. It fits approximately 1,500 people and a small section of it, when seen from above, is in the shape of the Superman "S" logo.

Seatbelt: The orange strap that must be fastened across every rider's waist to make up part of the restraint system.

Shin Cuffs: Part of the restraint system that is attached to the lapbar's bar on the bottom to ensure that every rider's feet remain in the proper position throughout the ride.

Side Safety Strap: Also part of the restraint system that fastens the lap bar to the side of each seat to serve as a terciary restraint and also help to determine if the lapbar is in a position to effectively restrain a guest. Also known as a "Go/no-go belt."

"Spaghetti Bowl": The entire end of the ride, made up of the two helices, the second tunnel, and the final bunny hills. Named for the seemingly random layout of track in that small space; similar to a bowl of spaghetti.

    Station: Where riders get on and get off the ride. Prior to boarding, riders can separate themselves based on where they would like to sit on the train.

Train: What the riders ride in around the circuit. It is made up of nine cars and Superman has two trains: a red one and a blue one, each proudly displaying the Superman "S" logo on the front.

    Tunnel: An enclosed section of track. Superman has two that are made of concrete and run underground. Each contains mist and neon lights to enhance the experience. The first is what adds thirteen feet to the height of the first drop.


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