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Intamin AG, Switzerland

Design Team Head:

Werner Stengel


May 5, 2000

Coaster Type:

Steel Mega Coaster

Height (lift hill):

208 feet

Drop (first hill):

221 feet

Average Top Speed:

77 miles per hour

Track Length:

approximately 5,400 feet

Average Ride Duration:

155 seconds




Thirty-six riders per train or 1,150 riders/hour

Number of Trains:

Two - red and blue

Number of Cars:

Nine cars per train, each has two stadium-style rows of two seats.

Train Measurements:

Each car measures 6' 2" and weighs approx. 3,000 lbs., making the total length of one train 55' 6" and total weight approx. 27,000 lbs. *

On-Ride Photo:

Available - taken at bottom of fourth hill


Two underground - at bottom of first hill and right before ending bunny hops



Average Maximum Intensity:

Four G's

Average Amount of Total Weightlessness:

Ten seconds


Click to view


Red track and blue supports (click to view pictures)

Lift System:

Standard Chain Lift with Anti-Rollback Device; takes approximately 50 seconds to bring train to top.

Braking System:

Magnetic Fin Brakes - Fourteen collapsing; engaged using high-pressure air

Claims to Fame:

Rated "#1 Coaster on the Planet" in 2000, 2001, 2002, and 2003.

Voted best steel coaster in the world by Amusement Today.

Tallest drop on the East Coast.

Rider Restrictions:

Riders must be between 54" and 76" and in good health. Also, riders must have all four (full) extremities and the ability to board by themselves (with sufficient lower body strength), remain in the upright position, and hold on with two hands.


Adjustable seatbelt, personal lap-bar, and shin cuffs. Lap bars lock in position left in and can only be released while the train is in the station and two buttons on opposite ends of the station platform are pushed. A side safety strap is also present that buckles the labpar to the side of the seat (aka the "go/no-go belt").

Block Sections:

Three: Station, Lift, Waiting Position


Handicap accessible via exit

Fastlane available for no-line access

Located on the east side of the park in the DC Comics section

Strict loose article policy states that nothing is allowed on the ride. Loose articles may be locked in the lockers at the ride, left with a non-rider, or placed in the loose articles bins in the station.

May go down in heavy rain; always goes down if lightning is present in the area.

* information provided by Six Flags New England Physic's Day booklet.

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