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The new view walking down Main Street. Scream can also be seen under construction, with the old Hellevator tower still red.

Superman's first underground tunnel yet to be finished. The shell is done and the track installed, but the concrete has to be completed. This element costed $750,000 alone.

Looking at Superman from right behind the new Scream towers. As you can see, the second hill isn't done yet. Nor is anything else in the DC Comics area!

The first hill proudly holds the American flag and Six Flags flag.

Here is Superman looking from through where Joker's Wildcard now sits. Work on the second hill can be seen from here.

The DC Comics area looks so empty without the Batman Stunt Show arena.

A great view from where the exit ramp now stands. Keep in mind that this was new at the time that the photos were taken! What a sight it was.

Here is a great shot of the "spaghetti bowl" before the track (and a lot of the supports) was installed. Can you figure out which supports hold what track? Also, the skeleton for Superman's station can be seen.

Superman's first hill just after completion. Who knew it would later become the "#1 Coaster in the World" for four years?

Superman's first hill has been started... there's still a long way to go, though!

Photo by Bob Cornellier

The first drop is almost done!

Photo by Bob Cornellier

The second helix is done and now they're heading into the second tunnel!

Photo by Bob Cornellier

The "spaghetti bowl" is finished! Just a little landscaping is needed.

Photo by Bob Cornellier

An incredible aerial view of Superman under construction. Notice the almost-done first drop, the forms for each of the tunnels, the supports, and even a rough outline of the rest of the ride.

Photo from Heritage Surveys, Inc.